Mediation Center of Greater Green Bay

Our Mission:

We assist and educate individuals and organizations.
We help you to resolve your disputes respectfully and effectively.

The Mediation Center is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.  Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.

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7 Responses to Mediation Center of Greater Green Bay

  1. Martin Fisher says:

    I trimmed some shrubs between my mother in laws house and her neighbors. The patch of shrubs is about 50 feet long 10 feet high and 15 feet wide. The neighbor was furious and ranted at me for quite a while including calling me a dumb f*** a half dozen times. He claims that I owe him $400 , $10 for each branch I trimmed. I believe that it will fill back in in a year or less. Other than the end of the shrubs toward the street, he can’t see where I trimmed from their yard. Do you mediate this kind of case. I

    • Hello Martin,
      Thank you for your question. Yes, we do mediate neighbor disputes. If you and he are both interested in mediating this situation – we are happy to be of help. We do need to hear from both of you in order to ensure that you are both willing to participate in a mediation and in order to find a time that works for you, for him, and for our calendar. Please call us at 920.438.7067 for more information.
      Laura Smythe, Executive Director

    • We do mediate these kinds of cases. However, in a mediation both parties must agree to mediate. After discussing this with you further we can contact the other party to see if they are willing to mediate. Please call us at 920-438-7067 Monday thru Thursday or e-mail us at

  2. Tiarra Krause says:

    My name is Tiarra Krause, i saw your add on green bay metro and i’m having a hard time getting my ex boyfriend to communicate and work with me about our daughter. Child support is working on giving us a court date but hes been threatening and calling me names saying its my responsibility to make sure he sees our daughter when im not keeping her from him but i have no way to drive to oshkosh and i dont trust him with her until a court ordered visitation order is in place and im worried that it will go against me in court but he lives with his mom and they expect me to give them gas money to see her and i cant afford it im getting a car in september but even then job center doesnt give you that much in gas vouchers to cater to his wants. Plus his anger issues scare the hell out of me and my current boyfriend has a valid concern that my ex hits our daughter melody. Please Help!!!

  3. jake denny says:

    Im having problems with the people next door of our duplex we are renting. I tried to call our landlord to help fix the problem. But it seems he is not doing anything about it because it keeps happening. I been trying to call the community officer but he is not calling back. The landlord says that if I don’t like it move and tells me not to call the cops. I really need help to fix this problem. Can anyone help me before I go crazy. I can only take so much im only human.

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