Advantages of Mediation

Advantages of Mediation
Confidential, Cost Effective, Time Sensitive

Whether parties are court-ordered to attend mediation or do so on their own accord, there are many advantages to consider when deciding to use the Mediation Center of Greater Green Bay to resolve a dispute versus civil litigation. Mediation:

            1. Is less expensive than civil litigation.  
            2. Is faster than resolving disputes through civil litigation.

            3. Is private and held in a confidential setting. 
            4. Gives more control over scheduling and time spent
               reaching agreements.

            5. Provides more control over outcome and opportunities for
               more creative solutions that fit the needs of the parties.

            6. Allows for better understanding of the perspectives and
               concerns of each party, making future litigation a better
               process if no mediation agreement is reached.

            7. Preserves relationships and ongoing communications between 
               the parties.

            8. Gives final authority to the parties involved in reaching an