You can click on the “PayPal” link and make a safe and secured donation directly through this website.

Here is another easy way to support the good work of the Mediation Center of Greater Green Bay,Inc. …..We Thank-You!

When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to Mediation Center Of Greater Green Bay…

The Mediation Center of Greater Green Bay is a non-profit organization that offers mediation services and educational programs in conflict resolution. It is a community resource open to anyone who wants to peacefully resolve issues before they turn into long term conflicts or legal disputes. We are writing you today to ask you to share a vision of a more peaceful community through dialogue, discussion and conflict resolution.

We serve thousands of people and businesses throughout the community every year. Mediation works for almost any kind of dispute, including family, elder, workplace, neighborhood, and civil disputes, both voluntary and court ordered. Studies show that people who mediate their differences are much more satisfied with the resolution than people who litigate. Additionally, they are much more likely to fulfill the mediated agreement than people who receive a judgment against them in court.

Your financial gift will make a difference in your community! Make it happen with your 100% tax-deductible gift to the Mediation Center today. Please donate online through PayPal by clicking the “donation” tab or by mailing your donation to the Mediation Center of Greater Green Bay, P.O. Box 752, Green Bay, WI 54305.

Thank you for your continued support and for sharing a vision of a more peaceful community through mediation.

It is only through the support and contributions of people like you that we are able to provide our services.  We run on a tight budget and rely on individual contributions, and the work of our many volunteers, to keep our doors open.  Private donations ensure our ability to continue mediating difficult situations and improving relations throughout our community.

Our volunteer mediators are the cornerstone of our existence.  They offer their skills, their time and their commitment to those who find themselves in difficult situations.  They are flexible and responsive to our scheduling needs.  In addition to their superlative work, we need to receive a steady flow of donations.  We keep overhead to a minimum with a small staff of 1.5 people (including our full-time Executive Director and our part-time Program Manager). We do, however, have ongoing expenses such as rent, utilities, insurance, telephone, computers, salaries and office supplies.



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