Family Mediation

Family Mediation

Regardless of your reasons for being referred to or electing to participate in mediation, all parties should attend with an open mind and with a list of possible solutions to resolve the dispute.

The Mediation Center of Greater Green Bay works with parents of minor children to establish legal custody (decision making authority) and the physical placement schedule of minor children until such children attain age 18.  Both co-parents will work with a mediator to establish detailed schedules that may include the following:

  • Typical daily placement schedules for the minor children that can include placement during the school year and during non-school times. 
  • Schedules for the children during normally recognized holiday times and any special holidays that families may celebrate outside of the norm.  Vacation times with each parent are identified as to length of such vacations and advance notification of such vacations.
  • Mediated agreements will include details regarding pick up and drop off times for the children, location of such exchanges of the children, and which parent is responsible for transportation.

Other topics for mediation may include the means of communication between the co-parents, communication with the children for the nonplacement parent, the children’s school district, medical decisions and/or treatment, extra-curricular commitments, tax exemptions and any concerns regarding the safety, well-being, and best interest of a child.

Each parent is required to complete a Proposed Parenting Plan and submit the form to the Mediation Center 10 days prior to mediation.  (Form FA-4147V is located under Family tab at

If an agreement is not reached in mediation, the mediator will declare an impasse and provide notice to the Court.  Usually when an impasse is declared, either co-parent may request that a Guardian ad Litem (“GAL”) be appointed, although in some circumstances a Motion may need to be filed with the Court first.  A GAL is an attorney that represents the best interest of a minor child.  The GAL will conduct an investigation regarding the disputed items and then make a recommendation to the Court based on the child’s best interests.