Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

Regardless of your reasons for being referred to or electing to participate in mediation, all parties should attend with an open mind and with a list of possible solutions to resolve the dispute.

The Mediation Center of Greater Green Bay has a long-standing contract with the Brown County Courts to provide mediation services when tenants have been served with an eviction notice by their landlord.  These services are provided at the Brown County Courthouse on Tuesday afternoon where tenants and landlords may be court-ordered to meet with a mediator to resolve financial issues. 

The goal of mediation is to avoid an eviction on the tenant’s record.  (Having an eviction makes it very difficult for a perspective tenant to find suitable rental property in the future.)  Mediated agreements are legally binding documents that are filed with the Court and reflected in court records.  The following are typical results of eviction mediations.

  • Agreements to remain in the rental property and establishment of payment plans if the tenant is behind on their rent or other costs of renting (such as utilities).  These agreements can be quite detailed as to manner of payment, dates of payment, and amounts of each payment through the time needed to address the outstanding debt. 
  • Agreements for the tenant to move out on a specific date. The landlord has the option to pursue possible damages after move out.

If a mediated agreement is not reached, a contested eviction hearing date is scheduled with a Brown County judge to decide the matter.