What is Mediation?

Mediation is a form of conflict resolution.  Our trained, impartial mediators help you to clarify and resolve your dispute in a way that is realistic and satisfactory for all involved.

Step One – The mediator meets with individuals in a comfortable and convenient location.

Step Two – Each individual explains his/her issues and concerns.  The mediator listens, asks questions, and helps clarify misunderstandings.

Step Three – The mediator helps the individuals explore options and reach a satisfactory, effective, and realistic resolution.

Why Use Mediation?
Reduces Stress – Mediators facilitate a process of cooperative dialogue.

Confidential –   Mediation settings are private and the discussions are confidential.

Self-Determined – The individuals themselves decide how their dispute will be settled.

Brings Closure to Disputes – Mediators help individuals address the core issues of their dispute so that the conflict can be fully resolved.

Preserves Relationships – Mediators help the individuals develop a sense of mutual respect and collaboration.  This helps to restore the individuals’ trust and ability to communicate.

Mediation in action