Mediator Volunteer

Mediator Volunteers

The Mediation Center will conduct periodic training sessions throughout the calendar year at the Mediation Center.  Each training session will be limited to 4-6 mediator volunteers.  Smaller classes allow for better opportunities for trainees to build positive relationships with staff, fellow volunteers, and increase time spent in role-playing exercises.

Training Program:  This 40-hour program meets or exceeds the national mediation training standard and the 25-hour requirement set forth in Chapter 767 of the Wisconsin Statutes.  A certificate of completion will be provided to those who complete the training.

Classroom training of approximately 24 hours over 4 days will include the following topics:

  • Theories of Conflict and Conflict Management
  • Overview of the Mediation Process and a Mediation Demonstration
  • Understanding of Individual Responses to Conflict
  • Mediation Step by Step
  • Ethical Practice of Mediation
  • Coached Role Plays
  • Understanding the Sources of our Mediation Referrals
  • Ensuring Quality Process and Understanding Procedures
  • Exploring Specific Types of Mediation, including landlord/tenant, small claims, and family

Additional training time will be scheduled individually to observe actual mediators, co-mediating with an experienced mediator and ultimately conducting mediation on your own (if desired these can be observed with an experienced mediator).

Future 2022 dates for training sessions are yet to be determined.

To apply for training, or if you have questions related to our work at the Mediation Center, contact Anita, Vicki, or Brian at (920) 438-7067