OUR STORY: Mediation Center of Greater Green Bay

The Mediation Center of Greater Green Bay was established in 1998 as a community initiative of the League of Women Voters.

In August 2021, the Mediation Center moved to our new location at 2611 Libal Street, Suite A, prior to this we were located in the historic Bellin Building.

An estimated 90-95% of our mediations come from referrals from the Brown County Courts.

  • Until 2018, our mediations were mostly small claims and landlord/tenant disputes.
  • Family mediations involving minor children were added to our list of services in 2018. 
  • Manitowoc County contracted with the Medication Center beginning in 2022 for family mediations.
  • Small claims mediations were conducted at our offices in the Bellin Building from the inception of the Mediation Center until our move to new space.
  • Landlord/tenant disputes are mediated at the Brown County Courthouse on Tuesday afternoons.
  • Our mediation success rate rivals that of similar organizations across the United States.
    • More than 14,000 mediations have been conducted since 1998.
    • 80% of all mediations have resulted in signed, legally-binding agreements.
    • 90% of landlord/tenant disputes have resulted in legally-binding agreements that have avoided tenants having an eviction on their records.
    • Family mediations have a 70% success rate in establishing positive placement arrangements for minor children while also ensuring that both parents have an ongoing role and relationship in the lives of their minor children.