Types of Disputes

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Meditations can be arranged through direct request or by referral.

Types of disputes we can handle:DSCN5151-recrop-serious-john-&-linda

  • Private Transactions
    including loans, sales, collections, or contract disputes
  • Insurance/Accidents
    including personal and professional
  • Elder and Family
    including long-term care, living arrangements, inheritance, trusts, pre- and post-divorce
  • Commercial
    including construction, service, and sales
  • Home Construction
    including voluntary and referrals from Brown County Homebuilders Association
  • Landlord-Tenant
    including residential and commercial leases and concerns about rent, security deposits, lease terms and damages
  • Neighborhood
    including personal and police-referred
  • Civil Litigation
    including voluntary and court referrals
  • Workplace/Employment
    including disputes among employees or issues with management, Procedural or policy changes, deteriorating performance, team or department dysfunction, management issues, deterioration in working relationships, performance evaluations, alleged wrongful demotion or terminations, alleged harassments.

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