Landlord/Tenant and Small Claims Program Manager

I joined the Mediation Center in August of 2019.  I manage the Small Claims Program which mediates court-ordered evictions, claims for money ($10,000 or less), personal injury/tort, and replevins.  I’m a trained mediator and currently work three days each week-Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 

I am the mother of two adult sons and grandmother of one.  My interests include photography, traveling, decorating, and upcycling vintage furniture.  One of my goals is to photograph Europe and Greece.  I’m looking forward to the day when I can travel overseas.

My professional background had been very different prior to being hired.  I was an elementary and middle school teacher for many years and a school administrator for the last eight years of my career. The law has always interested me, so the job at the Mediation Center seemed to be a perfect fit.  I was trained by an excellent staff and have learned valuable knowledge from the mediators I work with.

Mediation promotes the preservation of relationships.  I’ve witnessed the skillful choreography of mediators’ conversations which help to break down barriers and lead to settlements.  I now understand what a difference mediation can make in people’s lives.